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ATR Studio is a Multi-Function, Smartcard initilization tool. ATR Studio effectively customizes UNFUSED, non pre-personialized Java Smartcards. With over 3,000 different ATR’s seamlessly integrated – making ATR Studio the best Smartcard customization tool built.

ATR (Answer-To-Reset) – Over 3,000+ Smartcard ATR’s
ISO 7816 Compliant – Ensure Smartcard initialization is up to industry standard
Pre-Personalization Initialization – Compatible with X2, Foundry, or other EMV or Smartcard applications
Easy To Use – Read & Write with any Smartcard reader
Compatible Smartcards – Javacard – J2A040
Affordable Price – Safe, Trustworthy ATR Initialization at a price you’ll love


 Frequently Asked Questions


How to use ATR STUDIO
We believe a easy-to-use, modern GUI design is just as important as the functions of the tool! Once you open ATR Tool, it is a straight forward process. We also have tutorial videos here.

What kind of Smartcards does ATR Studio support?
ATR Studio can read any kind of card with a Smart Chip, such as EMV Bank Cards, SIM Cards, Identification Cards, etc. Currently, we are only supporting the most common Javacard J2A040 for writing purposes, which are ISO 7816 Compliant.

Do You Provide Support After Purchasing ATR Studio?
We believe every consumer should have access to Premium Support for LIFE! Give us an email at Make sure you include your order number, name, and email address to verify purchase.

How Often Does ATR Studio Get Updated?
We love adding new functions & features to our software! We make every effort to keep you up-to-date. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to stay up-to-date.

I Saw ATR Studio Somewhere Else For Cheaper. Why Buy It For More?
Purchasing from will always guarantee a safe, trustworthy, and functioning release. Purchasing elsewhere for a “cheaper” price will only substitute for unwanted malware, spyware, or non functioning operations. We offer our customers a lifetime premium support, FREE updates, and discounted new software for our loyal customers.

How can I tell if I’m using the latest version?
We are constantly updating and revising our software to add new features, and remove unwanted bugs or glitches. This is why we encourage our customers to always be on the lookout for updates! To know if you are using the latest version of ATR Studio, click here, or go to the ATR Studio product page and see the latest release.

How do I update ATR Studio when a new release comes out?
We are constantly working on a auto-update feature within the software. However, until it is finished, we recommend our customers to email Please include your order number, name, and email address.